VendBox: Vending machine manufacturer in India

We accept that the work should have genuine effect in the online world just as in the traditional commercial centre. Best services we provide POS Machines for a wide range of organizations like Retail, Pharmacy and CRM.

Meet the new generation of Vending Machines

We are dedicated to providing quality vending solutions. Focusing on the needs of every individual, we provide different types of vending machines along with manufacturing small vending machines with highly customised options, making them user-friendly.
Food & Beverages Products Vending Machine
Cosmetics & Beauty Care Products Vending Machine
Ready To Eat (RTE) Products Vending Machine
Pharmacy & Medicine Products Vending Machine
Customize Products Vending Machine
Frozen & Food Products Vending Machine
Vegetable Products Vending Machine
Industrial Products Vending Machine

Some of our features

We offer the best touch-screen-enabled vending machines with easy management, and quick installation. Our machines can be installed easily within 24 hours with distinctive features and services that make us one of the best vending machine companies.
Touch screen
Smart vending
Easy management system
Quick installation service (24 hours)
The VendBox Explore the world's most sophisticated touch screen-enabled vending machines available for rent and sale in India.

Revolutionizing retail with VendBox touch screen vending in india

Cost-effective, high-tech, and feature-rich—this is how we are leading the way in India. For any kind of business, we have a range of custom vending machines for sale or rent in India.

Eliminate the need for staff

No more hiring and firing. VendBox provides the perfect solution for businesses that want to minimize overhead costs by increasing product sales.

Increase revenue

Engage customers with our immersive user interface and see your profits soar with VendBox. Stop losing customers from long queues and start generating more revenue today.

Easy installation process

Our vending machines are plug-and-play, meaning you don't need to spend time or money on construction or installation. Simply plug it in, add your products, and watch it do its job.

Variety we offer

As a leading vending machine manufacturer in India we offer varieties of vending machines for your convenience. Our machines are designed in such a way that they can easily fit anywhere. Focusing on making your experience the best, we offer unbeatable quality and reliable services.
Combo Vending Machine
Mini Vending Machine