We are supply chain experts

We are a versatile group involved in various sectors, such as IT-Integrated Supply Chain Platform, Infrastructure (PEB), Warehousing, Fin-tech Services, IT solutions, and Travel. With this diverse portfolio, our goal is to provide inventive solutions and services that meet the continuously changing demands of our clients. By utilizing our expertise and extensive industry insight, we effortlessly combine technology, infrastructure, and logistics to enhance supply chain operations. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction motivates us to consistently innovate and deliver exceptional value to clients across diverse industries.

We are  supply chain experts

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Our leaders

Bipin Kevadiya
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Bipin Kevadiya

Founder and Managing Director

Bipin Kevadiya

Rajendra Asodariya

Director of Finance and resources

Bipin Kevadiya

Chirag Lakhani

Director of Operations and Infrastructure

Bipin Kevadiya

Rohit Pansara

Director of Technology and Development

Bipin Kevadiya

Gurucharan Arora

Director of Vision and Growth

Bipin Kevadiya

Vipan Jain

Director of Revenue

Bipin Kevadiya

Bikash Padhi

Director of Strategy

Bipin Kevadiya

Srinivasan Bakthavathsalam

Director of Sales

Our story


“we empower seamless end-to-end visibility and the capability to strategize, manage, and enhance supply chain resilience and predictability through cutting-edge technology platforms and data-driven insights.”

Over the past two decades, we have expanded our operations across diverse industries such as Supply Chain, Infrastructure, Warehousing, Logistics, IT services, Financial services, and Travel. By integrating different components of our ecosystem, we enhance efficiency and optimization by synergizing inter-linkages, providing comprehensive solutions to our valued clients.


Expansion funding

We aspire to lead as India's top end-to-end supply chain solutions provider across industries. With a relentless focus on innovation and reliability, we're the go-to choice for comprehensive end to end supply chain service offerings. Our philosophy centers on a resolute commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By consistently exceeding expectations and addressing unique client needs

A Glimpse at

Our journey so far


Our evolution and recognition

Our odyssey began as Ethics Agrotech and transformed into Ethics Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., symbolizing our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Highlighted as India's exclusive Greenhouse Building expert in a Greek Asia survey, we elevated industry benchmarks. Our registration with NCPAH reinforced our commitment to unparalleled operational standards.


Collaborative growth

Collaboration became a cornerstone as we entered an MOU with SFAC, Delhi, solidifying our commitment to cooperative progress. Our empanelment with government bodies - Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh State Agro-Industrial Development Co. Ltd., Maharashtra, and GGRC Gujarat - further affirmed our standing as a reliable and trusted partner.


Unlocking new frontiers

A new era unfolded as we entered Pharma and FMCG supply chains, magnifying our commitment to innovation. Our comprehensive end-to-end supply chain system emerged to address critical needs with unprecedented precision. Focused on pharmacy & FMCG, we ensure seamless access to vital medications and essentials, reaching every doorstep.


Pioneering solutions (government milestone)

The birth of Ethics Innovation Pvt. Ltd. earned accolades from PMBI, reaffirming our role in shaping industries through pioneering solutions. ETHICS GROUP's contribution to the PMBJP scheme exemplified scaling from 368 to over 9100 Pharmaceutical Stores in 5 years.


Comprehensive solutions and integration

We unveiled Ethics InfoTech LLP as a hub of technological expertise, encompassing hardware and software brilliance.Offering diverse solutions—POS systems, ERP software, Pharma Supply Chain Management, Web Designing, SAP Business, and Odoo customization—we set a new benchmark.


A holistic approach

Ethics Prosperity Private Limited emerged to deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions, epitomizing our holistic approach. Our collaboration with clients like Harjara Agro Industrial Corporation Limited (HICL) and DDFS exemplified seamless logistics, warehousing, and supply chain amplification.


Reinventing travel experiences

Our ambition to link people across India finds fruition as we weave a tapestry of experiences and cultures through our travel website.This vibrant chapter of our journey takes a captivating twist with the birth of Ethics Travel Management Private Limited


Building bridges with industry leaders

In our commitment to boost operational efficiency, we've forged crucial partnerships that drive our success. Over the years, we've joined forces with prominent names like L&T, Harhith, Dava India, and Zota. But our journey doesn't stop there. We've also collaborated with Gujcomasol, aligning with our vision to empower the farming sector. Together, we've established a network of retail outlets.